The Philadelphia Flower Showcases Hawaii’s Tropical Flowers

What a fabulous show! With a waterfall made of flowers, an active flower volcano and a mammoth blue wave you walk under when entering, the Philly flower show is a spectacular crowd pleaser! It broke all records Monday March 5th with an attendance of 33,000 plus. As the show opened for its third day, our Kauai growers of the Hawaii Flower and Foliage Association, “of which I am a member”, were high spirited, primed to start another super busy day selling Kauai’s flowers to America. Yesterday we had brisk sales but the two concerns today are will the flowers last? Not only will there be enough flowers to finish the show but will they hold up? Luckily, two more shipments are scheduled to arrive this week to replenish our dwindling/wilting stock.

The Philly show 2012 flower waterfall photo by Kathy Offley

One of the things I have been seeing and hearing about this show is how well the Islands and the spirit of aloha are being conveyed, there is hula and chanting on the main stage daily as well as lots of Hawaiian music playing all the time throughout the center. Hawaii and our culture has really been transported to Philly not just our flowers. It might be you can’t bring the flowers without bringing the atmosphere that has generated their scent and beauty in the first place. For the two million people that will walk through the Hawaiian islands in Philadelphia during this week; a love of our islands, its culture, and flowers is sure to bloom!

Tropic fleur from Honua Lani Gardens photo by Kathy Offley

The Kauai association and other vendors from Kauai are in an area called the Hawaiian village. My twitter friend Guen who has the Twitter address of @BG_Garden, is the creator of #gardenchat (a twitter forum for gardeners from across the world) tweeted me yesterday about our group. “I do believe I snapped pictures of your booth yesterday, I’m in heaven in the Hawaiian village.” I also participate on Pinterest, giving me an opportunity to collect articles about the Philadelphia Flower Show in one place.

Honua Lani Gardens Flower Show Pinterest

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We should be proud of our hard working Kauai flower growers. They are bringing the beauty and aloha of Kauai to the world! I can hardly wait for #gardenchat today. I know there will be some fabulous pictures of the #flowershow (# is used on Twitter to allow us to search for a particular event or theme) from all my friends who frequent this wonderful and informative weekly twitter chat! There is even a mobile phone app for the Philadelphia Flower Show that allows you to judge flower arrangements daily much like the iron chef does, except with flowers.

Protea of Kokee photo by Kathy Offley

One of the great things about being apart of this experience for our members, aside from promoting Kauai’s flowers at the show, is absorbing the culture and vibe of Philadelphia and visiting some great restaurants at the end of a busy day to sample the famous seafood. My mouth was watering when my friend Kathy Offley started talking about how delicious the food is in Philadelphia.

Photo by Kathy Offley for of Lelan Nishek of Kauai Nursery and Landscaping

Tropical Flower Growers of Kauai photo by Kathy Offkey

We have a favorite local saying ‘lucky we stay Kauai’ which means we feel lucky to be on Kauai at this moment but today I think there are thousands of people from all over our great country saying ‘Lucky we stay Philadelphia’. If you love flowers and have a chance to visit the flower show it is a once in a lifetime Hawaiian extravaganza! If you are luckily enough to be at the Hawaiian village, and have time to meet our wonderful Kauai growers and see our flowers, I invite and eagerly await your comments. The flower show runs until Sunday March 11th.

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  • Dingy7

    This is just ONE beautiful thing I miss about my visit on Kauai.  Just wish we could grow like that in Illinois…:(

  • Linda Sherman

    I really appreciate these photos from the #FlowerShow @PhilaFlowerShow Jai. Thanks to Kathy Offley for taking them! I hope you got Wedding Wednesday shots today.

  • Susan

    “It might be you can’t bring the flowers without bringing the atmosphere that has generated their scent and beauty in the first place” – Love it! I feel the aloha all the way in Arizona. Nice article and photos.

  • Karen

    Loved the article Jai, great job…just sorry you couldn’t be there in person !